A few Questions for the President of the USA

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Last september I went to the park with my friends and while our children played, three of us sat talking about the H1N1 Vaccine and what we planned to do for our families.  One friend had scheduled her 3 year old daughter for the vaccine later that week, and another friend, who was pregnant with her third child, shared how much her OB had been pressuring her to get the shot.

She told us about her sister who was a nurse.  The sister had received the regular Flu Vaccine and almost died.  She told her doctor how reluctant she was to get a vaccine while she was pregnant and he stopped pressuring her when he heard the story about her sister’s experience with the regular flu vaccine.  He said that with her “family background” of problems around the flu shot, perhaps she should forgo getting the shot.  So she did.  She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a few weeks ago.

I told my friends that I had been conducting quite a bit of research, simply because I felt the hype around this vaccine “pandemic” was so over the top nuts, it just felt like something was off.  My friends know that we have never vaccinated our children, but were curious to know if we planned to get the h1N1 because the new virus was obviously so much more “dangerous and deadly” according to the media.   I told my friends that we would NOT be getting the vaccine, and that I was prepared to go to jail in order to protect my children.  My friend with the 3 year old daughter said she was going to cancel her appointment.  I also told my friends about an article I had read the night before that made the case that the h1n1 vaccine had elements in it that would cause sterility.

The article Squalene: Be Very Afraid part 2 by Rima E. Laibow MD made the case that “Swine flu” vaccine has adjuvants that impair fertility, Making people infertile is part of eugenics, thus genocide.

She also said,

“The plan to use this fertility-impairing adjuvant in the “swine flu” vaccine against a flu that has so far been far less irksome than the ordinary seasonal flu underscores concerns that this H1N1 mass vaccination programme mandated by WHO with the support of pharma companies such as Baxter is designed primarily to cause death and injury, and so significantly reduce the global population.”

In the article Dr. Laibow also quoted Gary Matsumoto from his book Vaccine A The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing our Soldiers and Why GI’s are Only the First Victims, Kapitola 3. “The Greatest Story Never Told”

“Dr. Jules Freund creator of this oil-based adjuvant warned in 1956 that animals injected with his formulation developed terrible, incurable conditions: allergic aspermatogenesis (stoppage of sperm production), experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (the animal version of MS), allergic neuritis (inflammation of the nerves that can lead to paralysis) and other severe autoimmune disorders.”

From that day in September to today, I have continued to research, study, pray, think, listen, and write about this topic.   Was it possible an agenda to reduce the population with vaccines has played out the past year in America and the world at large?

Eileen Dannemann, Director, National Coalition of Organized Women

A few months ago I heard about a woman name Eileen Dannemann who was collecting the stories of Mothers who had miscarried after getting the shot.  The other day I had the honor of interviewing Eileen on the radio.  Since she first put out the word on her Progressive Convergence Web Site asking for documented stories from mothers themselves, she has since put together a database of stories: Progressive Convergence Miscarriage Cases on her website.

During the interview she told me about 70 anecdotal miscarriage stories, she said she had received about 20 phone calls from Mothers sharing stories directly with her.  And she also has data from VAERS, the Vaccine reporting system, set up by the government, and they have over 150, altogether over 200 miscarriages and these miscarriages happened during all three trimesters, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Many in the first trimester.  These ladies were actually forced to get this h1n1 vaccine.  She said, “I had nurses say that they had doctors tell them that you can kill yourselves or you can kill your babies if they don’t get this vaccine.”

She also said, “The h1n1 virus was being blamed for the deaths of 27 pregnant women, so we’ve been researching that as well.  It turns out that these quote unquote 27 women, you know, they didn’t do any, for most of them, they didn’t do any reliable test that they had h1n1, it was just empirical and other things that are not actually credible.   The CDC appears to be allowed to put out incredible information, without substance, but yet, when we show them that these two hundred and more women had miscarriages maybe two weeks later after the h1n1, but the sonograms showed that the babies miscarried an hour, a day, a week after the vaccine.”

It was an honor to talk to Eileen and I would encourage anyone interested in this topic to take a few minutes to check out the links tied to this article.  Eileen thinks it was the Thimerisol in the vaccine that caused these deaths and she does not believe that any squalene was in the American h1n1 vaccines.  Yet a simple test to check for squalene antibodies in the blood of those mothers who miscarried might provide the clues necessary to see what was the source of the deaths of these fetuses. The anti-squalene antibody test could confirm whether or not squalene was in the h1n1 vaccines given to pregnant American women over the past six months.

Hair Analysis has also been shown to be very effective in showing the mercury levels in the body, more effective than a urine test.  If mothers were given enough mercury to cause a spontaneous abortion, doubtless they still have high toxicity levels of mercury in the body.  Parents who want to know the truth should seek out these tests to prove that toxicity was a factor in the death of their child.  During the coming years, if mothers and fathers are having a difficult time getting pregnant, they should have these tests done to see if they were indeed poisoned with Squalene and Mercury while receiving the h1n1 vaccine.

I am so grateful that the American People and their doctors refused to take and/or administer this toxic brew in such high numbers these past few months.  The amount of vaccine left over is indicative of just how many people refused to role up their sleeves.  While the damage to those who submitted to the shot is great, especially for those parents who lost a child, if parents will take the time to share their stories, they can help prevent another couples loss in the future, and perhaps help shut down the Government Vaccine Programs altogether.

Please contact Eileen Dannemann at ncowmail@gmail.com to share your story.  Legally you cannot sue anyone for damages because of laws set in place before the pandemic was rolled out by the pharma companies, the CDC, and the World Health Organization.

It was announced today by the world health organization:

“Geneva – World Health Organisation chief Margaret Chan on Thursday decided to maintain a pandemic flu alert nearly a year after she placed the world on maximum alert for the new swine flu virus.

The WHO said following advice from a panel of scientists that although the pandemic had declined, cases of A(H1N1) influenza expected to continue in the coming weeks mainly during the southern hemisphere’s flu season.”

Many Americans are aware of the population reduction ideological bent of President Obamas Science Czar John Holdren.

The question I would like to ask President Obama is, “where do you stand on the question of Population Reducing Vaccines? And when you wrote the piece in the New York Times back in June of 2005 titled Grounding A Pandemic with Richard Lugar, were you just concerned about peoples health, or did you have a financial and ideological stake in the outcome of this legislation being passed?

“It is essential for the international community, led by the United States, to take decisive action to prevent a pandemic.

So what should we do? Recently, the World Health Organization called for more money and attention to be devoted to effective preventive action, appealing for $100 million.

Congress responded promptly. A bipartisan group of senators obtained $25 million for prevention efforts (a quarter of the request, the traditional contribution of the United States), allowing the C.D.C., the Agency for International Development, the Health and Human Services Department and other agencies to improve their ability to act.”

OK, so the whole world has watched all of you act, and act, and act… and today we were informed that the pandemic alert will be maintained at level six.  Articles have been written, movies and news reports have been made, lives have been permanently altered, and potentially millions of peoples health has been ruined, and/or lives ended.  My final question Mr. Obama is how much money did you make on your stock purchase from Baxter over the past five years and how dare your wife lecture the American People on health issues like obesity while the biggest health fraud of the past hundred years plays out and you and your administration are up to your elbows in the whole scandal?

Jenny Hatch 





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