imageI was just watching c-span and the host was talking with his guest about health care and the teaparty “people”. Many callers took the time to share views on “what the teaparty people” think, and although none claimed to be members of this maligned crowd, it was interesting to me to have others attempting to describe who I am and what I think.

I thought I’d take a minute to share my views on health care as it relates to teaparty attendees, simply because I am a fierce teapartier and I write a health care blog.

imageI can’t speak for others and I don’t know that any of my friends who have also taken to the streets this past year feel as I do, but I want to make one point. The dark night of medical fascism has been hanging as a blight over the American People for a long time. Each step that has been taken legislatively to remove our rights of self determination and place a doctor, a social worker, a pharmacist, and a judge over our bodies and minds has brought us to this place. The big question in my mind is,

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