I was so pleased with the efforts of Michelle Bachmann during the latest debate and her interviews with the press around the whole Gardasil issue that I wrote up a couple of comments sharing a few links and blasted around the web looking for news sights and blogs where I could post without being a member.

The people at Free Thoughts blog took issue with my comment and we shared a nice, thoughtful friendly chat in the comment section.

HUGE Profanity alert if you decide to go wading into comment section 

Here is my first comment 

Steve Burd, whose Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform (CAHR), was the author of Obamacare and has written it into the rules and regs of the law that if a person is not fully vaccinated upon arrival at an ER, he or she must be brought up to date on said vaccines before being treated.

It is also implied in the bill that Peek a Boo squads can show up at your door and vaccinate you and your children if they are also not up to date on Vaccines. Medical Fascism is just around the corner…

Now, perhaps some believe these types of measures are necessary to ensure we all stay healthy. I choose to believe that darker agendas are behind these laws being put into place.

Michele Bachmann should be awarded for having the courage to spank Rick Perry and bring this issue into the light of day.

Many Girls have died after getting the shot – I created a blog entry yesterday that includes seven informational VIDEOS about those deaths


And a featured article at Blogging Mothers Magazine this month outlines my own horror story of attempting to warn innocents and stand up to those who created the HPV Vaccine:


Many, Many people have been murdered around the campaign
to vaccinate American Teens. It is time for that story to be told.

Jenny Hatch
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