Doula Photography Services w/ Jenny Hatch

For families in Boulder county I am offering a new service.

I am a trained labor assistant and a novice photographer. During almost all of the births I have attended I was the one to take New Family photos, and although untrained as a photographer, the families were very grateful to have an extra person available at the hospital or at a home birth, prepared to offer comfort measures for the Mother during labor and ready to capture New Family Memories, as they often would forget to pull out the camera during the excitement of welcoming the baby.

I have organized a doula photography business for couples who are expecting a new baby.

Services include:

Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Blessing Way Ceremony

Labor and Delivery Doula support

Birth Photography and Video

Newborn and New Family Shoot

USB of all Photos and Videos and…

A three minute Montage of your photos and videos will be thoughtfully edited and uploaded to You Tube for you to share with Family and Friends.

For $528.00 you can have all of the above as well as a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Please contact me below to schedule your Pregnancy Shoot, which I recomend you set up by the 20th week. The best time to photograph is after 35 weeks of pregnancy.

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Jenny Hatch

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