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Every day the past few weeks I have had something show up on my Facebook feed claiming parents who do not allow their children to be injected with the most noxious of childhood shots, the MMR, are the cause of all that is bad in Western Civilization.

We hear about Disneyland measles outbreaks, bad parent of the month features in the news, and doctors writing passionate posts about how they will refuse families the ability to be included in their medical practice if they refuse one shot.

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Book Excerpt: A Lotus Birth

During my fifth child’s pregnancy I wrote a  journal that was published on the web site Birth Love. As the months clicked by and I added entries and shared my innermost thoughts and feelings regarding the realities of my life as an unassisted birther, a friend suggested I compile the journal into a book and publish it as an E Book.  I did just that in 2003 and the book was made available on myhttp://www.naturalfamilyco.com web site soon after publication.  Although not as popular as my other books, I received some powerful feedback from those who read it and now share one of my entries as an excerpt. To purchase this book on Kindle click HERE!A Lotus Birth Kindle EditionRead More »

Book Excerpt: Elijah Birth

In 1998 I asked the parents at the yahoo group LDS-UC to fill out a survey that would be compiled by me into a book for families who desired to learn childbirth self reliance. Paul and I gave birth to our last two sons alone at home after doing our own prenatal care.

I spent quite a bit of time distilling the survey down to something readable and enhanced the stories and testimonials from the parents with my own essays on Family Sovereignty.Read More »

Book Excerpt: Uncommon Lore by Jenny Hatch

Uncommon LoreHere is the first essay from my e book.  You can purchase it HERE on Amazon.


So today, I am minding my own beeswax comfortably blogging about soccer and social networking about other “safe” topics like islamic terrorism when out of the blue I feel this overwhelming impression from Heavenly Father that he wants me to do a “From the HOMESCHOOLING Trenches” series of essays on my Blog.

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Fasting and Red Diaper Babies

Fasting heartYesterday I finished up a huge spiritual push with prayer and fasting.  Paul has been out of work for seven months and we are down to our last dollar.  Every investment has been cashed in, every source of cash money liquidated, and I have been motivated to get off my tushie and look for paid work.

That in itself has been the biggest change of all.

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Putugah Takpaw Phenom on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show #Ebola

Putugah Takpaw Phenom (Putu) is a member of The 420 International Coalition, a network of artists whose music reflects messages of hope, inspiration, being of service to those who need it the most. They share their cultural roots from the Caribbean, South America, and ultimately Africa. Having been brought together in the melting pot that is/was America, they recognized commonalities and vowed to use their music to bring about change in the world we live in.

As part of the first generation from his family to grow up in America, Putu merges his African roots with the experience of adapting into a promising, yet new and complex society.  His story explores the relative opportunity in America (in comparison to Africa), along with the unexpected challenges, especially as a second generation African immigrant. It is from this vantage point that Putu speaks and derives the inspiration for his music. Pulling from diverse influences and experiences, he is becoming a  fresh addition to the traditional world-music scene! Also as an activist and public speaker gaining a grassroots following that collectively spans worldwide, he is truly proving to be one of the great visionaries and thinkers of our time.


Jenny Hatch is a Blogging Mother of Five Children. She speaks to issues of great concern on her radio show, her blog, and social media. Her particular passion is Family Health Freedom.

She stands in solidarity with the Africans demanding sovereignty over their own healthcare.


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Just who are these Anti-Vaxxers anyway?

Barnyard Rants

I knew nothing of the so-called ‘anti vaccination’ movement until 18 months ago.

10150542_681588701911142_5680236155793854384_nSince the late 70’s I have worked with adults with special needs, and for the last 15 years specifically in housing.  Helping adults with disabilities to live as independently as possible in the community is my passion. Families of adults with disabilities have a different focus from those with young children, their energy is geared towards the rights of adults and how to ensure that they are safe and well cared for their entire lives, especially once the family members are gone. It is an all-encompassing endeavor. Vaccines are rarely mentioned.

In the last ten years,  the housing group meetings that I have led have gone from:

Cross-disability…  an almost even distribution of family members in need of housing who were living with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and autism…

...to meetings that are now 80% autism…

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#CDCwhistleblower Twitter Party 2nd Night – Jenny Hatch Tweet Stream

So about three this afternoon Utah Time, I realized that the gals over at Thinking Moms Revolution asked for a second party. Obviously nobody in the Main Stream Press could hear us last night, so we did it again tonight. I created a roundup of our tweets last night on my personal blog HERE.

I had three encounters with Big Pharma Trolls before the party even started. Thought I would take a sec to share the tweets because they are illustrative of how these people deal with the truth.

First was Brian Deer, yes, that Brian Deer. He Said:

A few minutes later he said:

He cannot seem to get over Andrew Wakefield:

Then I had a confrontation with a Blogging Vaccine defender named Dorit Reiss: (Click here to read the whole conversation on Twitter). Now the funny thing about good ol’ Dorit is that she had quite the busy day. My daughter Michelle spent the whole day reading various articles about the whistleblower and in the comment section of many of the posts, Dorit was there screaming away about studies. Shelly said she would post like fifty comments per article. I usually don’t like people to shove things where the sun don’t shine, but it felt appropriate given the heat of the moment.

My third chat was with someone who had a very interesting last name.

Please notice Mikes last name. Not saying he is who I think he might be, but it was an interesting cooincidence.

It was an interesting exchange with all three of these yokels. And they seemed to be the only trolls on the hashtag, which was most interesting. I suppose when those defending Vaccines to the death are mostly paid assasins, stalkers, false flag media obfuscators, and a host of main stream media folk who will not touch this story until the Overlords give them talking points and plans on how to spin it, well, then you only have three Tweeters who show up to defend the cause. Sorta funny when you think about it.

Anyway, I called for us to return again on thursday and every night until someone in the press does a real story on it.

#CDCwhistleblower Twitter Party TONIGHT at 7PM Eastern

Here is a roundup from the Twitter Party we had last night hosted on my personal blog.


We are having a second party tonight…same time.

Jenny Hatch