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I could not sleep last night so I made a few movies…

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#Backpage shut down! I Am JANE DOE Documentary COMPLETE VIDEO HERE! @JennyHatch

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JUST IN: Body of missing CDC employee Timothy Cunningham found in Chattahoochee River @JennyHatch

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This feels like a good time to replay my Ebola radio show interview with Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane:

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Q Anon Demonstration fueled an interesting chat on Twitter

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UPDATE: Thursday April 12th.

I shared this meme as a final G Bye to the thread and my Twitter account was put on hold within minutes. It will stay on hold until I delete the tweets I just screen grabbed below.

If you will read the whole thread, you can see for yourself that the whole conversation was much more intimidating and threatening towards me than me towards them.

I am NOT going to delete the tweets, so I will be taking a Twitter Break for an indeterminate amount of time.

Original Post:

This report from 2017 provides context and background to the following conversation.


A rally was held on Saturday for Q supporters, of which I am one, and this tweet dumped on those of us who gathered in person and on the web to show our support for his work.

I participated in the thread quite…

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God Bless President Trump @JennyHatch

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Radio Show TODAY!

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#SaidNoFather campaign this month! Share your story on my radio show #SaidNoMother @JennyHatch

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I would like to invite Moms and Dads to be guests on my Podcast Radio Show to share the five minute version story of your childs reaction to vaccination.

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Please contact me at jennymhatch@Yahoo.com with the subject “GUEST” to schedule an interview.

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#SaidNoMother I am the Vaccine Damaged person at our house! @JennyHatch #SaidNoFather #CDCWhistleblower

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I am the vaccine damaged person at our house. Plagued with asthma, excema, DEADLY anaphylactic allergies, and mental illness, I wanted something better for my five children.


Instead I breastfed all of them for years, we eat a whole foods diet, limit environmental toxins, use non-drug therapies for healing, and are constantly hydrating and nourishing with vitamins and minerals.

We don’t take drugs. No Tylenol or antibiotics etc…

And guess what?

No autism.

I ache for the families who are suffering with the side effects of their children being poisoned with deadly vaccines.

There is also a link to autism and electronic fetal monitoring, pitocin used for inductions of labor, and extreme “let them cry it out” parenting practices.

Because of the various deficiencies in my own body, my children were at risk for severe autism. Epigenetics indicates that those of us who get the…

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Marxism smackdown by Jordan Peterson @JennyHatch

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I have been reading Jordan Petersons book these past few days…

He has a three minute video that is the best smackdown of Marxism I have ever seen.

Here is the text of his speech:

The fact that the post-modernists dare to be Marxists is also something that I find I would say not so much intellectually reprehensible as morally repugnant. And one of the things that the post-modern neo-Marxists continually claim is that they have nothing but compassion for the downtrodden.

And I would say that anybody with more than a cursory knowledge of 20th century history who dares to claim simultaneously that they have compassion for the downtrodden and that they’re Marxists, are revealing either their ignorance of history that is so astounding that it’s actually a form of miracle, or a kind of malevolence that’s so reprehensible that it’s almost unspeakable, because we already ran the equity…

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Easter Weekend Radio Show @JennyHatch CDC Flu Scientist Timothy Cunningham is STILL missing

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Psychiatry, a few thoughts @JennyHatch

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In June of 2009 Heather AKA Dooce decided to write a blog post dumping on those of us who choose to give birth alone in our bedrooms after mostly doing our own prenatal care.

She was about to give birth and had been posting quite a bit about Anti-Depressant use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

I chose to leave a comment on her site and then wrote a blog post at the Bitter Pill where I am a guest blogger:


A few weeks ago Heather again shared an innovation in psychiatry that she claims has helped with her depression.


She is writing a book about participating in a study this past year with her psychiatrist titled The Valedictorian of Being Dead.

I was so alarmed by the little bit that she shared that I…

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You Tube Censorship has a variety of levels @JennyHatch

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You Tube has a variety of tactics they employ to censor content before they fully yank a persons channel off the site.

I observed these tactics in real time as my friend and mentor Dr. Leonard Horowitz saw his content demonitized, pulled for review, and finally his whole channel destroyed.

Once he posted a video that was quickly going viral and in the comment section the audience was noting how the view counter kept moving backwards.

These types of tactics are increasingly being used on movie makers.

My politically satirical vids are now being given the same treatment.

I started lampooning politicians many years ago and use humor and satire to out inconsistent behavior.

The other day I created this video about Joe Biden and shared it on Reddit.

As you can see, the video had 70 views just from Reddit. I also posted it on Twitter, my blog, and…

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Breaking News: Jenny Hatch Podcast Radio Show #SethRich


These 74 Pizzagate Reports were compiled this past year at my blog JennyHatch.com which is also known as The Natural Family Blog.

I decided to focus my Citizen Journalism on this story for over a year now for the sake of the innocent children caught up in child trafficking.

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Best of The Natural Family Blog

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A few of Jenny’s best posts over the years…

  1. Physician Heal Thyself
  2. On Homeschooling
  3. Dissertation
  4. Uncommon Lore
  5. Muffins

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Doctor Toni Bark at the #SB277 Rally – We are just getting started! #CDCWhistleblower

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Here is Dr. Barks speech, it was epic and provided a great crowd shot:

And a few more tweets from today on hashtag #SB277

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Leonard Horowitz VIDEO AFFIDAVIT #SB277

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Dr. Leonard Horowitz continues to be bullied in every possible way for speaking the truth about Vaccines.

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In Vermont, the writing is on the wall… Obamacare has not only killed single payer, it has ruined American Healthcare for Good

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Obama CareBummer.
Who knew a thing like this could hapen? I mean, it’s not like millions of Americans took to the streets the past six years to holler that this very thing would happen…or did they?

Actually, they did. We did. I did.

From Hot Air

NYT: In Vermont, ObamaCare flopped so bad it killed single payer

“When Barack Obama and Democrats on Capitol Hill first rolled out ObamaCare, conservatives warned that the program was so badly designed that it couldn’t possibly be on the level. Instead, people assumed that Democrats intended ObamaCare to fail — so that the only possible choice would be a single-payer system of socialized medicine. Even after Democrats reluctantly eliminated the “public option,” opponents insisted that the intended end game was failure so bad that it would destroy private insurance and leave nothing but the federal government to pick up the pieces.”

For us, “picking…

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