Jerome Corsi deconstructs the latest Q drop @JennyHatch

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Click to watch an Open Secret on VIMEO:

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Political Funnies of the Day @JennyHatch

Candace and Kanye @JennyHatch #Kanye #CandaceOwens #ProgessivePlantation #freethought #KanyeWest

The Obama Pizzagate connection, Q drop last night @JennyHatch

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I made this movie ten months ago exploring the revelations in the DNC emails published by Wikileaks.

Pizza? Hotdogs? Questions…

Here are a few tweets that were sent out last night…

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My Twitter was limited, so I cannot share my own tweets, but here are a few from Liz:

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Complicated Business @JennyHatch

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The DNC has filed a lawsuit.

Pop some popcorn. This should be fun!

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*Note: You may wonder why I have started embedding my vids here on WordPress as well as uploading them to You Tube, Vimeo, Patreon, and Bit Chute? I am anticipating further censorship as the free speech war plays out. I am passionate about my content and want to preserve my take on things for future generations curious about the Great Meme War.

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The video of Hillary and Huma doing ungodly things to a young girl #HRCVideo @JennyHatch

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The rumors about this video have been ripping around the internet for the past 18 months.

Apparently it hit the web early this week.

I am anxious to hear about the girl in the movie. Is there any hope for her to be found and helped?

Or was she truly snuffed out?

As the truth begins to come out we have to stay focused on the victims and their families.

I felt so ill the past few days just hearing about the face mask I was paralyzed and unable to do any work.

Then I thought about the girl, her mother, her father, her siblings, her grandparents.

My first grandchild is due in a few months.

I thought about her.

And then I got mad.

I plan to double down and blog hard until Hillary and Huma are locked up.

Jenny Hatch

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James Comey in deep DOODY @JennyHatch

John Podesta claims #Pizzagate has been “DEBUNKED” NO, it has not. @JennyHatch

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Thanks to Nikki Yanofsky. One of my favorite artists.

Jenny Hatch

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