Blogging Mothers Magazine June 2015 Edition #CDCWhistleblower has NOT TESTIFIED BEFORE CONGRESS!

UPDATE: January 2016

Truth in Media

CDC, Vaccines, and Autism VIDEO REPORT

This edition of Blogging Mothers Magazine is dedicated to William Thompson, also known as The #CDCWhistleblower.

I pray that before the next edition of this magazine is published that I can happily report that he has made a full report to the Congress of the USA.

And, that it has been fully covered by the press.

As Editor in Chief of Blogging Mothers Magazine I feel compelled to continue publishing this content even though it has caused deep distress in my life.

Each of the headings for the content for this months edition are highlighted in Red.  Just click on the title of each article for an in depth report.  The video reports profiled in each post are included in this table of contents for the magazine.

Jenny Hatch

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Book Excerpt: Uncommon Lore by Jenny Hatch

Uncommon LoreHere is the first essay from my e book.  You can purchase it HERE on Amazon.


So today, I am minding my own beeswax comfortably blogging about soccer and social networking about other “safe” topics like islamic terrorism when out of the blue I feel this overwhelming impression from Heavenly Father that he wants me to do a “From the HOMESCHOOLING Trenches” series of essays on my Blog.

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Blogging Mothers Magazine May 2014 Special Edition: STOP COMMON CORE

Blog Mom Mag LOGOThis months edition of the Magazine is devoted to a complete expose’ on Common Core.  Blogging Mothers Magazine is your one stop for all things Common Core.

Editor Jenny Hatch has spent most of her blogging time the past 18 months researching and writing about the problematic sides to the new Common Core Curriculums.

She compiled many of her writings into a short 50 page book called Uncommon Lore so that those of you who do not have the time to click around a blog can quickly read her essays on your Kindle Device.Uncommon Lore by Jenny Hatch  This little booklet has many links for parents to help point them towards some of the best information on the internet for those who are planning to Homeschool.

Here are the articles for the month of MAY 2014!

Alinsky tactics being used to Derail #StopCommonCore activists, The Delphi Technique – What it is and How to Disrupt it…


Dump Common Core! Joan Landes on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show




Common Core Math Vs. Saxon Math for grades one, two, and three


Jenny  Hatch for Blog 2007 (2)Roundup of Posts by Jenny Hatch about Common Core


Keep calm and Obliterate Common Core


Common Cores Big Mistake: Messing with Moms


Uncommon Lore: How can I teach my seven year old son Math and Reading when I cannot get him to take a bath?


Here is my You Tube Playlist compilation of dozens of videos put together by the top Common Core Activists: