Book Excerpt: A Lotus Birth

During my fifth child’s pregnancy I wrote a  journal that was published on the web site Birth Love. As the months clicked by and I added entries and shared my innermost thoughts and feelings regarding the realities of my life as an unassisted birther, a friend suggested I compile the journal into a book and publish it as an E Book.  I did just that in 2003 and the book was made available on my web site soon after publication.  Although not as popular as my other books, I received some powerful feedback from those who read it and now share one of my entries as an excerpt. To purchase this book on Kindle click HERE!A Lotus Birth Kindle EditionRead More »

Book Excerpt: Elijah Birth

In 1998 I asked the parents at the yahoo group LDS-UC to fill out a survey that would be compiled by me into a book for families who desired to learn childbirth self reliance. Paul and I gave birth to our last two sons alone at home after doing our own prenatal care.

I spent quite a bit of time distilling the survey down to something readable and enhanced the stories and testimonials from the parents with my own essays on Family Sovereignty.Read More »

Book Excerpt: Uncommon Lore by Jenny Hatch

Uncommon LoreHere is the first essay from my e book.  You can purchase it HERE on Amazon.


So today, I am minding my own beeswax comfortably blogging about soccer and social networking about other “safe” topics like islamic terrorism when out of the blue I feel this overwhelming impression from Heavenly Father that he wants me to do a “From the HOMESCHOOLING Trenches” series of essays on my Blog.

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