Jenny Hatch started this magazine as an online digital multimedia expansion of her other blogging efforts to promote the cause of Family Freedom and Sovereignty from those busy bodies who would seek to replace parents with government.

To that end, the magazine has strong libertarian content zeroing in on the mass casualties that lie in the wake of Modern Medicine and a host of other frauds tied to education, health care, and the money streams that keep the whole babylonian behemoth chugging along.

Her efforts to educate and share testimonials from whistleblowers has largely resulted in a stealth campaign to silence her voice by those whose money, power, and influence are threatened by her activism, but she is determined to continue using the internet to support the work of fearless journalists and writers who are working to empower families.

All of her efforts are dedicated to the babies who will be born in the decades to come, especially her own grandchildren.

May they be born gently into the hands of loving parents prepared to protect and nurture them during one of the most deceptive seasons in our worlds history…