You Tube Censorship has a variety of levels @JennyHatch

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You Tube has a variety of tactics they employ to censor content before they fully yank a persons channel off the site.

I observed these tactics in real time as my friend and mentor Dr. Leonard Horowitz saw his content demonitized, pulled for review, and finally his whole channel destroyed.

Once he posted a video that was quickly going viral and in the comment section the audience was noting how the view counter kept moving backwards.

These types of tactics are increasingly being used on movie makers.

My politically satirical vids are now being given the same treatment.

I started lampooning politicians many years ago and use humor and satire to out inconsistent behavior.

The other day I created this video about Joe Biden and shared it on Reddit.

As you can see, the video had 70 views just from Reddit. I also posted it on Twitter, my blog, and…

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