#Pizzagate is tied to the #CDCWhistleblower story and #Pedogate

Sherri Kanes Testimonial

When I first met Dr. Leonard Horowitz in 2009, we did not realize how his work as an expert in exposing the dangers of vaccines and my desire to expose child sex trafficking and pedophilia were so intertwined.
Not until Dr. Horowitz and I were attacked by a “cell” of shadow government operatives, that we refer to as COINTELPRO, did we realize that the protection racket that is protecting pedophiles at the highest levels of power, are also connected to the propagandists who infiltrated the truth movement. These propagandists pretend to be activists but they discredit themselves in their attempts to discredit real activists like us.
We exposed these “truth movement” propagandists here:
The mainstream media plays the biggest part in their mind control persuasion tactics. A good example is their propaganda rag, Salon which is constantly writing stories to discredit anti-vaxxers, even attacking President Elect Trump for expressing his feelings about vaccines, but they also give pedophiles a voice, while remaining biased against anything that could potentially harm the pockets
Coined by Dr. Horowitz as the “Military-Medical-Petro-Pharmaceutical-Banking cartel” these genocidalists control the media including any alternative media with a voice, no matter how much in opposition against the “globalists,” this media appears to be. Their agenda is depopulation via genocide. This is how the highest levels maintain control by also controlling the opposition too.
This is why Dr. Horowitz, Jenny and I, have been targeted because they do not and cannot control us, and cannot prevent us from speaking the truth.
Dr. Horowitz and I have even had our YouTube channels taken down to suppress us from educating people on the truth. We then created our own video channels on http://RevolutionTelevision.net and http://Vimeo.com/RevolutionTelevision

along with websites where people can become further educated on http://WarOnWeThePeople.com and http://528Revolution.com
The key is for people to do their own research and not believe anything until they come to their own conclusions. Once people start investigating on their own, they will be able to connect the dots.
I thank Jenny for her beautiful heart and her bravery in continuing to shine light on the truth. When Jenny came out in our defense against the vicious attacks against us, she too was viciously attacked as she has clearly documented on her blog. She has endured through so much pain and it has never stopped her desire to educate humanity.

My friend Sherri Kane and I have been chatting on Facebook about the Podesta emails outing the dark world of Pedophilia and Child Trafficking. We have shared a few links and videos with each other and today I told her this.

I have decided to join reddit to try to help the kids wrap their heads around the idea of cointelpro.
I was just on the #PizzaGate threads and they have only been at this for two weeks, but they are exposing tons of stuff.
Pray for me, I hope I can connect with them.
They are getting tripped up by the videos etc by Ted Gunderson etc…”
As I have read the various threads on Reddit I realized that so much of what has been shared is propaganda by cointelpro paid hacks.
For this reason I decided to join Reddit to help them see through the disinformation campaign.
I started the Reddit thread by sharing Sherris excellent expose that was republished on my blog in 2010. (I added updates to the post twice and that is why it appears to have been published in 2011.)

And I wrote these words (it is important to me to document this in case the thread gets pulled)

I have been dealing with the blowback for exposing the satanic ring of pedophiles and their internet harpys since 2010.

As I have watched #Pizzagate blow up on Twitter and Reddit these past few days, I have found myself weeping with the passion and concern all of you have been expressing to expose the truth.
I don’t know how to use reddit, just joined, but I believe my story and my insights might be helpful as we all move foreward.
One of the strategies used by the elites minions on the web is to use a mix it all up strategy of confusion and cointelpro trained agents to confuse truth seekers.
Because I have seen videos and links from people like Ted Gunderson and others who are known to have played this roll, I thought it might be helpful if I shared my story.

Take it for what it is.

You may think I am here to confuse and troll. I am not. I am shaking as I type wondering what sort of hellscape will be unleashed on my family for me speaking out again.
We will also see how quickly this thread gets pulled.

I started experiencing political blowback in 2006. A variety of tactics were used to mess with me. This radio show with Barbara Hartwell from three years ago outlines some of the tactics and patterns that were used to mess with me:

This excellent article by Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane also delineates the tactics used by the cointelpro disinformation agents.



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