Out of respect for the sick and scared, we are staying home… #CDCWhistleblower

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I understand the concerns and fears of families with sick children that coming into contact with my unvaccinated child may prove deadly to their child.

Because of those concerns we are going to self quarantine until the Measles outbreak is contained. Ben did not attend our church service yesterday and he stayed home from our homeschool musical theatre class on friday. I am going to keep him out of the library and grocery stores until the fears subside.

We homeschool, but will make an even bigger effort to stay home and limit contact with other children until the measles epidemic/media panic is over.

While it rages, here are some tweets, memes, and graphics prepared for your enlightenment and pleasure:

Jenny Hatch

Whistleblower 22Whistleblower 21Whistleblower 20Whistleblower 19Whistleblower 18Whistleblower 17Whistleblower 16Whistleblower 15Whistleblower 14Whistleblower 13Whistleblower 12Whistleblower 11Whistleblower 10Whistleblower 9Whistleblower 8Whistleblower 7Whistleblower 6Whistleblower 5Whistleblower 4Whistleblower 3Whistleblower 2Whistleblower 1

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