#CDCWhistleblower still ignored by the Media – Tweets hit 800 Million

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Three months ago I read about William Thompson, the CDC researcher who admitted to suppressing Data around the MMR Vaccines connection to an uptick in Autism in African American Boys.

The Thinking Moms Revolution called for a Twitter Party one night and it was such a smashing success that I called for Operation Infinite Tweet where we parents tweeted for an hour every night to keep it trending.

I participated in the twitter storms for a week or so and then my family started complaining that I was not participating in family life around the dinner hour. Since I have vowed to never let my activism frustrate time with my family, I let the parties go and I am sad to admit, I did not follow the story. Life took over and I frankly forgot about the nightly twitter storm until a reader invited me to participate again!…

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