Three months ago I produced a series of Radio Shows on the Ebola Fraud.

Kick Ebola

I have quietly watched as the propaganda masters in the media have spun this story.

A young Liberian Man who is now living in America contacted me on Facebook after I had Leonard Horowitz on my Radio show. We began a conversation and I had a witness from the Holy Spirit that he was to be a sort of Paul Revere yelling to the people of Africa through his music and other internet efforts, warning them of the dangers of the coming ebola vaccine.

Since this is the month that the trials for the vaccine are beginning in Liberia, I thought it would be a good idea to have him on the radio show again for an update.

When we talked on the phone the other night he told me that the small towns and villages where the evil doers are trying to vaccinate with the test drug are being met with something new in Africa.


The locals are asking questions!

What are the side effects of this vaccine?

Will you be conducting long term research about potential side effects that may show up down the road?

What are the ingredients in this vaccine?

Who is going to be responsible for my family if I should die after getting this drug?

Putu also told me that the local citizens were being bribed with free health exams, free transportation to the clinics, and perhaps other “goodies” as the drug manufacturers conduct their trials.

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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