UPDATE: November 23rd 2014

I have been laughing my butt off over the #GruberGate story these past two weeks. Too much fun for this free market health care blogger. Here is the summery video:

A few of my favorite tweets from election night:


Dear readers, you may be curious to know why I summed up the republican party as pro vaccine and willing to provide complete coverage from litigation for vaccine injuries for the pharmaceutical companies.

I say it because it is true!

During a war funding bill, republican congress critters tried to quietly include indemnification for Vaccine manufacturers from those families whose children became autisitc after vaccine damage. Now the Pharma companies can never be sued for vaccine damage because of congressional activity, mostly REPUBLICAN activity, and we all need to watch closely to see how the Ebola Frauds unfold as the fake pandemic revs up and pharma rolls out drugs and vaccines for consumers.

Will citizens be forced to get the jabs?

Will citizens be compelled by law to enter into forced quarantine? Don’t get me wrong, it is President Obama who is calling for the Ebola hospitals to be built…so I know that both sides of Congress are messing with peoples health and in bed with the medical mafia, but all of us should closely be watching to see how this plays out. The past is a great indicator for how far they are willing to go in deceiving the public. And dead babies and sick children are ALWAYS the outcome from these efforts. Huge swaths of the citizenry sterilized and unable to participate in family life because of illness and disability are also part of the big picture.

I do not know where it is all going to head, but if the past is any indication, we should not be surprised by anything that gets rolled out in the name of public health in the years to come.

I do not trust the GOP on Education issues.

As long as Jeb Bush is in the running for POTUS for the next two years, we should all be VERY aware of how problematic his ties to the testing companies who just scored the nation wide takeover of our schools will prove to be over the coming years.

Common Core should have been front and center as a topic during this election cycle, and it was on the local level, but a blackout happened in the national media during the weeks leading up to the midterms.

How ironic if the right is able to deconstruct Obamacare over the coming years (and please ignore those nitwits who say it cannot be overturned), while the new Leviathan that has overtaken our public schools rises up with few in Congress noting how big of an issue it is for those of us in the heartland.

The schools need to be handed back to parents and local school boards and the gazillionaires who are posed to reap from the trillions that are about to be pulled from the public treasury in the form of testing fees should be publicly heckled and perhaps litigated against for fraud.

In the short term, I do not think that much of anything will change in terms of the power structures around healthcare and education. Even if Obamacare is overturned, allopathic drugs and surgery are still heralded as the path to wellness by Americans in positiins of power. And it will take time to recover from Common Core no matter who is elected and how passionate parents feel about local control.

Since these are the topics I have consistently blogged about since I began writing in 1996, I do not know that I have the gumption to keep writing about it much more than to encourage citizens to get involved in your own locale.

Obamacare and Common Core (Obamacore) are poised to destroy the Family at every juncture.

I have “Gone Galt” with my health care and we will probably never again send a child of ours to public school for academics.

As I type this post, Paul (who is still jobless) is working with Ben on his online science class curriculum through BYU. I feel waves of joy every time I see my husband and our son sitting on the couch studying together.  Paul was the most extreme example of a father who did not believe in homeschool.  He fought me every step of the way.  I began talking about it when I was pregnant with Michelle in 1988.  So this has been quite the lengthy journey for us.

He has now arrived at the place where he is the homeschool teacher.  Teaching is a job he has aspired to since he was in college, and now he is tutoring his most significant student.

As the son of education parents (Pauls Dad was a chemistry prof at SUU and his Mom taught English and Communications at SUU), and with every one of his siblings involved in education at one level or another, for us to be homeschooling is the most ironic of developments.

Ben let us know a few months ago that he greatly prefers Dad as teacher over me.  While that was an uncomfortable truth for me to accept, I happily handed the reins over to Paul during this five month duration of his lack of employment.  He still is looking intently for a job, but how wonderful that they have had these months together.  Ben will never forget this time with Dad.

Every time they finish a math lesson they come running into my bedroom and show me who got a 100% and who made the careless mistake that deprived them of a perfect score on the Saxon 65 Lesson.

The risks from vaccines and educational folly are well documented all over the web. Please take the time and energy to educate yourself.

I have spent copious amounts of time on this blog attempting to articulate the problems and have illustrated a model of living amputated from the powers that be by depicting our families journey to Family Sovereignty.

Weaning from these constructs is possible. It has been written into Obamacare that before a patient can be treated in a hospital they have to be up to date on Vaccines. Ponder that for a few minutes…

If you are someone who desires to have a family but feel lost by the costs, risks, overwhelm, and sheer terror that appears lurking around every corner waiting to engulf, please realize that solutions do exist.

Your child’s health and brain are on the chopping block waiting to be smashed to pieces by those who profit from the breaks.

Only Mothers and Fathers are standing at the crossroads between conspiring men to protect the little ones.

Assert your authority.

You have more than you know.

Jenny Hatch


Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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