#Ebola Blogging Mothers Magazine September 2014 Edition Vaccine Frauds everywhere you look!

Not quite sure how Big Pharma is going to survive the activities of the past month.  It will be interesting to watch them try.

I am not going to take the time to itemize all of the many articles that I republished the past month.  Do not have time.  Andrew is getting ready to leave on his LDS Mission in two weeks and I am busy directing a musical theatre play for children.  I also am singing quite a bit and we are still looking for a job for Paul and Homeschooling Ben.  It has been a busy productive time.  Just scroll down through all of the articles of September to get a feel for what has been going on.

I will say that the various Autism Support web sites have outed themselves as Pharma Front groups and frauds by their behavior the past few weeks and I hope the many families who are watching the #CDCWhistleblower story and the #Ebola frauds play out in the media will be wise in how they interpret the many layers of propaganda that are currently filling the airways.


I did one more interview with Putu and his brother in Liberia and Len Hororwitz and Sherri Kane were gracious enough to join in on the conversation.  Give it a listen…life changing and helpful information:

Here again are the three additional Shows I did on Ebola,  just so you can see them all in one place:


I really do not have much to add to these shows except this thought.  Dr. Len suggested that the current Ebola whistleblowers are being set up to be charged with Sedition and Treason.  If that is true then I have just one thing to say…


Bring it on!

If my activism around Health Freedom means that I am participating in activities that will promote terrorism in our world and am guilty of sedition then I look forward to being prosecuted and having my day in court.

I would greatly prefer this to the stealth campaign of terror and intimidation that has been my daily lot since I started Blogging about Guardasil back in 2006.  My life became a living hell as I was stalked, threatened, intimidated, and bullied for my activism.  The tactics used were to silence my voice and terrorize me into not engaging on these topics on the web.

I would much prefer a fair and open fight in the courts and the marketplace of ideas to this sick “plausibly deniable” layer upon layer of rage that has been the blowback on me and my family for the past nine years.

We shall see how it all plays out…

Jenny Hatch


Quite a few people coming in to listen to my radio interviews on Ebola. Just a quick message to any journalists who are trying to find the truth:

If you are writing stories on Ebola and have not taken the time to read Len Horowitzs book, you will never understand the history of the USA. Please read his work and then find your courage as a writer and truth teller to help get the word out.
Editor in Chief

Jenny Hatch 2005
Jenny Hatch



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