Mercury/vaccines/autism: more fraud at the CDC

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Mercury/vaccines/autism: more CDC fraud

by Jon Rappoport

August 27, 2014

In the 1990s, people around the world began to wake up and realize: there is mercury in vaccines.


“That’s a poison, isn’t it? Warnings are issued about eating fish laced with mercury…but injecting it is safe?”

The public reaction was swift, explosive, instinctive, and correct: “They’re poisoning us and our children.”

Some of this poisoning was called autism. Some of it was called “neuro-developmental delay.” There were other names and categories.

The uproar was so loud, Congress was forced to act. In 1997, they ordered the FDA to examine the situation.

So in June of 2000, three full years later, because the federal government really cares but only cares slowly, the famous Simpsonwood Meeting convened (see also here).

The star of that meeting was a CDC scientist named Thomas Verstraeten. Tommy had done extensive work on vaccines…

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