#hearthiswell #CDCwhistleblower You Tube Playlist Testimonials from Parents and Children suffering from Vaccine Induced Autism

Here is a playlist of powerful short testimonials from parents and children affected by vaccine induced autism. I spent an hour this morning creating these playlists and watching the videos. More testimonials are being added, so go check out the hashtag at You Tube.

I also created this playlist from a variety of sources on the #CDCwhistleblower story that the media is largely ignoring. These videos are a great place to begin when educating yourself about Vaccination and the many side effects, including Autism, that are a part of the Babylonian Big Pharma scene.

Join the parents pounding the hashtag #CDCwhistleblower on Twitter at any time, 24 hours around the clock, but most especially at 8PM EST so that we can trend the tag at a peak hour every night to shame the media and investigative journalism into covering the story.

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