#CDCwhistleblower Twitter Party 2nd Night – Jenny Hatch Tweet Stream

So about three this afternoon Utah Time, I realized that the gals over at Thinking Moms Revolution asked for a second party. Obviously nobody in the Main Stream Press could hear us last night, so we did it again tonight. I created a roundup of our tweets last night on my personal blog HERE.

I had three encounters with Big Pharma Trolls before the party even started. Thought I would take a sec to share the tweets because they are illustrative of how these people deal with the truth.

First was Brian Deer, yes, that Brian Deer. He Said:

A few minutes later he said:

He cannot seem to get over Andrew Wakefield:

Then I had a confrontation with a Blogging Vaccine defender named Dorit Reiss: (Click here to read the whole conversation on Twitter). Now the funny thing about good ol’ Dorit is that she had quite the busy day. My daughter Michelle spent the whole day reading various articles about the whistleblower and in the comment section of many of the posts, Dorit was there screaming away about studies. Shelly said she would post like fifty comments per article. I usually don’t like people to shove things where the sun don’t shine, but it felt appropriate given the heat of the moment.

My third chat was with someone who had a very interesting last name.

Please notice Mikes last name. Not saying he is who I think he might be, but it was an interesting cooincidence.

It was an interesting exchange with all three of these yokels. And they seemed to be the only trolls on the hashtag, which was most interesting. I suppose when those defending Vaccines to the death are mostly paid assasins, stalkers, false flag media obfuscators, and a host of main stream media folk who will not touch this story until the Overlords give them talking points and plans on how to spin it, well, then you only have three Tweeters who show up to defend the cause. Sorta funny when you think about it.

Anyway, I called for us to return again on thursday and every night until someone in the press does a real story on it.

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