Paul and Jenny Hatch Family August 2011

Roundup of Posts by Jenny Hatch about Common Core

Uncommon Lore: Introduction

Joan Landes on my radio show this FRIDAY!

Barbara Bush says Jeb is the “best qualified person in the country to be President”

More details about the Math Wars: Saxon vs. Everyone Else

Uncommon Lore: How can I teach my seven year old son Math and Reading when I cannot get him to take a bath?

#StopCommonCore, A Twitter Rally Miracle

More #CommonCore Math Madness, we have to #StopCommonCore

Common Cores Big Mistake: Messing with Moms

Utah State School Board Propaganda Machine for One-Sided Common Core Campaign – Your Tax Dollars at Work

A Brief Audit of Bill Gates’ Common Core Spending

A few new Common Core expose articles

Video: Arkansas Mother Karen Lamoreaux Interviewed on Glenn Beck Show

Latter Day Family Resources Chat Room

Common Core Math Vs. Saxon Math for grades one, two, and three

Common Core PODCAST by Teachers

What Is Common Core: 101

Common Cores Suprise Critic: The Nations Largest Teachers Union

Watch “Repeal Common Core Rally Speech by a clinical mental health therapist” on YouTube

Stop Common Core Rally Report

Common Core should be renamed OBAMAcore because hey, if we like our local control, we can keep it….RIGHT??

Not with my child you won’t: Psychological Damages of Common Core Analyzed by Joan Landes

Common Core and Agenda 21

Keep calm and Obliterate Common Core

Common Core Movie Trailer

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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