Hatch Children at Pearl Street Mall in 1997

Hatch Children at Pearl Street Mall in 1997

I have spent the past few months debating in my own mind whether or not to come back. Over my Blogging career I have quit several times…mostly during times of angst when it felt like the stakes for me and my family were too high.

But this time, yeah I admit it, I have been in a political funk.

A couple months of No Blogging was my ticket to peace of mind after the most mind bending election ever (and I thought a second Clinton term was about as bad as it could get!)

I have decided that if I feel like commenting or sharing something on my Blog, I will, but I don’t have any illusions about how the next few years are going to go. The American Voters, especially women, are going to experience the most intense buyers remorse of their lives!

The day after the election I read these words on Rush Limbaughs Web Site:

In a Nation of Children, Santa Claus Wins.

Since the day of the election in early November I have read hundreds of hours of political analysis, but I did not have the heart to blog about it.

I chose instead to focus on the holidays and sharing a wonderful final few weeks with my son Jeff before he takes off for South America to serve his LDS mission. Paul and I enjoyed one of the most sacred days of our marriage a few weeks ago when we took him to the same Temple in St George Utah where we were married and escorted him through the endowment for the first time. Jeff has since been doing a weekly shift in the baptistry at the Temple and has been helping to homeschool Ben.

(For a great read on Temples check out Michelle Lehnardts Blog Scenes from the wild to learn more about this amazing endowment for our young LDS sons and daughters who are preparing for missionary service. Michelle is my favorite mom blogger on the web.)

He also picked up the part of Bundles in our community production of Annie that I auditioned for last August and he and I have spent many happy hours rehearsing with a dynamic and talented group of actors in our community.

Last saturday night we choreographed the final song in the show, A New Deal for Christmas, which is a political ode to FDR’s Big Government programs.

I was amazed that right in the text of the script it suggests that FDR stand at the head of a fake sleigh and the orphans stand in front as if they are Reindeer and while the president shouts out the names of the men in his cabinet, he is supposed to crack an imaginary whip, mimicking Santa Claus calling out to his Reindeer.

It dawned on me right then that Rush had nailed it with his analysis.
I guess the question must be asked, why would I as a politically aware mother with a certain warped need to share my musical theatre talents audition for a show that is so unapoligetically left of center in its celebration of an economically failed political policy?

I suppose the short answer is that if I were to only audition for purely free market type shows, I would not perform much because so much of Broadway is tinged with leftism, that actors are hard pressed to find politically pure pro capitalist fare.

I also saw the traveling show in Detroit when I was a young girl and spent my childhood singing and performing the show in a variety of venues. Then when I was seventeen I choreographed a medley of songs from Annie and taught it to fifty young mormon girls to perform in our stakes Dance Festival in 1985.

I love certain songs and was thrilled to be cast as understudy for Ms. Hannigan. As I have practiced my parts and re learned the songs, a strong sense of the familiar and upbeat message of the show that Government can step in and fix Depressions, Homelessness, Hunger, and provide Billionaire Daddies to cute little orphaned girls is definitely an easy sell to theatre goers hungry for anything that provides escape from current reality.

The show is cute, has some morality in the sense that the theives and liars get caught, and who can resist a whole passel of young hoofers singing and dancing about A New Deal that will usher in the age of Unicorns and Rainbows?

As for me? I look at participation in this show as an opportunty to hone my craft while attempting not to choke on the words of the songs that have portrayed a Marxist Fraud like FDR as Santa Clause for the past forty years.

I read somewhere that the producers of this show were so thrilled with Jimmy Carters election in the early seventies that they felt the need to write a celebratory musical for the sense of optimism and hope that Carters Presidency manifested in their hearts.

They obviously did not write the show during the final years of his pathetic reign over America.

I have been trying to think what sort of Musical would be appropriate to celebrate the death of Keynes Economic Failures during the final months of 2012.

Iowahawk, my favorite political blogger and a must read on Twitter “Coined” (sorry for the pun) the perfect title for the Musical to be written fifty years hence in a Twitterfeed he started a few days ago.

The Twitter Hash Tag #SaveUsMagicCoin contains some hilarious commentary and spoofs the Progressives Delusions about how to fix the Economy.

I would like to officially volunteer to write the Musical that will be the Anti-Annie in the years to come.

We could also title it “Hayeks Revenge”, or “Atlas is Still Shrugging”, or even “Sorry Virginia Santa Claus is really and truly DEAD!”

Jenny Hatch summer 2004

Promote Family Freedom!

Jenny Hatch

Jenny and Jeff in Hooverville costumesI was talking to one of the Moms before our closing performance last night.  She is also a Homeschooler and very educated about political ideology and controversies.  She had no idea how political the stage show was and used her girls performing as orphans in the show as an opportunity to have her teenage children conduct some research on FDR and his New Deal and what it did to the American People during the depression.

Many historians refer to the depression that occurred in 1921 as being just as devastating as the stock market crash that hit in 1929.  And some historians claim that FDR’s New Deal extended the depression by a decade.

“In order to make sure that this version of events sticks, little, if any, public mention is ever made of the depression of 1920–1921. And no wonder — that historical experience deflates the ambitions of those who promise us political solutions to the real imbalances at the heart of economic busts.

The conventional wisdom holds that in the absence of government counter cyclical policy, whether fiscal or monetary (or both), we cannot expect economic recovery — at least, not without an intolerably long delay. Yet the very opposite policies were followed during the depression of 1920–1921, and recovery was in fact not long in coming.

The economic situation in 1920 was grim. By that year unemployment had jumped from 4 percent to nearly 12 percent, and GNP declined 17 percent. No wonder, then, that Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover — falsely characterized as a supporter of laissez-faire economics — urged President Harding to consider an array of interventions to turn the economy around. Hoover was ignored.

Instead of “fiscal stimulus,” Harding cut the government’s budget nearly in half between 1920 and 1922. The rest of Harding’s approach was equally laissez-faire. Tax rates were slashed for all income groups. The national debt was reduced by one-third.

The Federal Reserve’s activity, moreover, was hardly noticeable. As one economic historian puts it, “Despite the severity of the contraction, the Fed did not move to use its powers to turn the money supply around and fight the contraction.”[2] By the late summer of 1921, signs of recovery were already visible. The following year, unemployment was back down to 6.7 percent and it was only 2.4 percent by 1923.”

As I talked to Barbara about the assumptions of the show and how the original cartoonist who created the Little Orphan Annie strip was a free market conservative who would have been very upset to see what was done to his characters in the BIG Government solutions to the depression that the show presumes solved everything, I was struck with the thought that tens of thousands of little girls have potentially performed this show over the past 35 years, and with the new revival on Broadway last year, Annie fever will only get revved up to a much higher level as we go forward.

This culture war crap is really demoralizing.

But the truly crazy thing to me is that I LOVED performing the show.

Those songs are embedded on my heart.  I have sung them since I was a pre teen, and as we closed the show with a cast performance of Tomorrow last night, I found myself breaking down emotionally with how uplifting it all was…”The sun will come out tomorrow”… yadda yadda yadda.

Hopefully my next show will be Ayn Rands Night of January 16th to even me out politically with my theatrical efforts.

I am grateful for the friendships formed during the production of this show and the extra time I was able to spend with Jeffrey, who will be leaving on his mission next month.  Musical Theatre is a magical place to hang out, and the professionalism of the cast, crew, and orchestra was truly amazing.  It was a level of Community Theatre that I did not know existed.

Here are some photos and videos!

Jenny in NYC costume


Jenny and Jeff after Annie

Jenny HatchJenny with the boys

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