Sharon Shade on The Jenny Hatch Show


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Married for almost 17yrs I’m a mom of 7 great kids, 6 who walk and 1 who flies, ages 15 years to 16 months. I’ve had a few varieties of birthing experiences and alternative healthcare. I love simple natural living and sharing about the wonderful things God has provided that SUPPORTS the mind, body, spirit and environment. I have a little mantra, “Life is to short to hang out with emotional chickens”…dig deep and get real, WAKE -UP to who you REALLY are and take the COURAGE to Live Your Truth!!

I’m ALWAYS learning!!! I’m currently delving into Energy Medicine, a phenomenally FAST way to heal emotionally and spiritually!! I’m growing a life coaching business where I facilitate others to awaken to their own healing and personal answers to life. We are all powerful co-Creators with the Universe and everyone has a message and purpose to share with those around them.

Sharons Blog 

Sharon and her husband Brian were guests on the show last year, here is the show link for your listening pleasure (Sometimes you have to click it a few times to get it to work) 

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