Is the World Economy going to Collapse? And what does that mean for those of us who Prepare?

Tues. 29 Nov. 2011 Glenn interviewed Michele Bachmann, asking the Minnesota congresswoman a myriad questions on topics ranging from how Americans can prepare for potentially “very difficult” times ahead. Citing the ripple effects — namely a recession — America will feel as a result of a European Union collapse, Bachmann expressed disappointment in the fact that “we are hearing more about the Kardashian wedding” than the impending economic implosion of the EU and subsequent U.S. risk.

They also spoke about foreign and domestic policy to the economy and crisis preparedness. At one point, Bachmann spoke about the dangers of “the new axis of evil” comprising Iran, Syria, North Korea, China and Russia.

Both Glenn and Bachmann pointed out Russia’s role in aiding some of the world’s most notorious aggressors and state sponsors of terror — from providing Russian chemists and engineers to aid Iran in its development of nuclear weapons to sending Russian warships to aid the Syrians in their defense.
“The UN has reported that 250 children were tortured and killed and Russia sends warships to Syria to defend Syria,” Glenn stated in disbelief.

Final Prep before the world economy collapses  Jenny Hatch shares a few practical tips for final prep before things really start to wobble economically.

Rand Paul shares his thoughts on the new Domestic Terrorism Bill that NEEDS to be defeated!

Jenny Hatch

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