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Cooking with Children by Jenny Hatch 

Average Vs. Extraordinary  Guest Post by Shawni Pothier

American Style Terrorism, a Testimonial by Jenny Hatch 

Let it GO, Let it Go, Let it GO! Guest Post by Lynn Griesemer

Top 25 Posts by Jenny Hatch 

Attack Watch, Millions of Conservative Tweets Blast Obama by Jenny Hatch 

Ceiba Study  Guest Post by Christy Porucznik, PhD

A Lovely Chat with Free Thoughts Bloggers by Jenny Hatch 

Writing and Blogging by Jenny Hatch 

Amani’s Birth Story by her Father Guest post by Mohammed Al Hajjar

Freedom Vs. Tyranny by Jenny Hatch 

A Mormon Mommy Blogger Responds to Harold Bloom by Jenny Hatch 

My Most Humble and Sincere Apology to Dr. Amy Tutuer MD by Jenny Hatch 

Wanted For Genocide by Jenny Hatch

 Vaccines Cause Miscarriage by Jenny Hatch

Whither the Doula? by Jenny Hatch

Lessons of Love Begin in the Womb Guest post by Jeanice Barcelo MA

Three ways to GO GALT by Jenny Hatch

Homebirth Hooey and Hokum by Jenny Hatch

A few Questions for the President of the USA by Jenny Hatch

When you sow the wind, (A Whirlwind named Jared Lee Loughner) by Jenny Hatch

Amy Chua, Chinese Tiger Mother creating Socialistic Robots… by Jenny Hatch

“The Government we have in Washington DC today is the Government our Founders feared and wrote the Constitution to prevent.” Video of Mike Holler, Author of The Constitution Made Easy

H1N1 Vaccines Sterilize Mothers and Kill Babies by Jenny Hatch

We’ll Ask and Do TELL Mr. Obama by Jenny Hatch 

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