36 Obvious Reasons you are capable of Natural Birth

Blogging Mothers Magazine

This is the only one of my five births that we caught on video. Our son was born after a three day labor, no drugs were administered before or during the labor, and he was born after four hours of pushing in a birth center. A wonderful VBAC.

Jenny Hatch in labor with Jeff 1994 - My VBAC!

Jenny Hatch

Editor in Chief of Blog Mom Magazine

Mama Birth Blog

“We hear so much negativity about birth these days that it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle that women are divinely designed to birth babies. This is a miracle, but it is also so totally normal and a simple bodily function. Here are a few reminders (yes, many of them obvious) of the truth that we have forgotten about our bodies.

1. You are a woman
2. Your mother was a woman and she gave birth to you.
3. As was your grandmother and all of their mothers before them.
4. Women have literally for 1000’s of years been doing this and surviving. The proof is that we are all HERE.
5. Medical doctors stepped into birth only about 100 years ago, and yet people were breeding successfully all that time before.
6. You have a vagina.
7. You got pregnant.
8. You are gestating beautifully.
9. All the discomforts and aches and pains, though possibly annoying, prove that your body is DOING its job.
10. You have breasts.”

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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