Boston Area Woman Naturally Births Her First 13 Pound Baby

Photo by Faith Ninivaggi

It’s no secret around our humble little office that I am a big fan of chubby babies. Could there be anything cuter than dimpled arms and thigh rolls that go on forever? So squishable. So huggable. So lovable. Starting at 36 weeks pregnant, resident OBs began pressuring me to induce… Knowing that no induction is normal, I held out to let my son come into this world in his own perfect timing (at 44 weeks, 1 day) and he weighed in at 10lbs 3.2oz.

Biased, yes, but I thought he was perfect – and he seemed a bit less ‘breakable’ too. We were, however, an anomaly of sorts at the hospital that weekend when everyone had to come in to see “one of the biggest babies we’ve ever had.” So I know a little of how Amanda Byron, 21, must have felt this past weekend when she gave birth to her 13lb, 2.6oz son at Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, near Boston, Massachusetts.”

A Mom in Indonesia gave birth to a nineteen pound baby…

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