Amy Chua, Chinese Tiger Mother creating Socialistic Robots…

As a confirmed Cuddler, who used Attachment Parenting, followed by a gentle preschool/homeschool based on Waldorf Philosophy when my babes were little, I was incredulous that Amy Chua proudly and loudly shared her book/mothering style, confident of its superiority over American Style parenting.

If the goal is for your child to live/work some day in the Socialistically Brainwashed confederation of the Elites who currently run Higher Ed, the Media, and have strategic positions in American Politics and Hollywood, then sure, Amy’s Tiger Mother style of parenting may be your Cup of Tea.  Little Chuas bullied by Mother to get perfect grades will most certainly obtain admissions to those “enlightened” circles of noblesse.

But if you are an American, concerned about Constitutional Principles of Freedom, Sovereignty, the Pursuit of Happiness, and children having time to pray, ponder, and even reject the Socialism being spoon fed in the classroom, then perhaps perfect attendance at school and perfect grades coupled with hours and hours of time on the piano bench/no socializing is not so high on the priority list.

At least for me it’s not.

Jenny Hatch

Editor in Chief

More Here from David Brooks:

Amy Chua Is a Wimp

“Sometime early last week, a large slice of educated America decided that Amy Chua is a menace to society. Chua, as you probably know, is the Yale professor who has written a bracing critique of what she considers the weak, cuddling American parenting style.”

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