Three Ways to GO GALT!

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In February of 2009 a group of Activists organized the first Denver Tea Party on the East Steps of the Capitol Building in Denver.  The night before the event I called Brian Campbell who organized the rally, and offered to sing the National Anthem.  He said that would be great.  I also told him that I would love to share a few thoughts.  He told me to just go ahead and share whatever I wanted.

What to say?


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So that night I spent some time thinking about what I would like to say.  I’ve been politically active since I was a teenager and had spent the better part of twenty years thinking about Freedom.  Now I was being given a chance to stand in front of a group of people with a microphone and tell them what was on my mind.  I brought my son Benjamin, aged six, to the rally with me, and he held our American Flag while the crowd said the Pledge and I  sang the National Anthem and gave my speech

The previous two years I had watched with horror as a group of Marxists took over the Federal Government.  I spent hours on my blog sharing information with readers about why this would be a bad thing for America.  In a post created at Free Republic a few months before the teaparty and a few days before the 2008 election I wrote these words:

These past few days I have been doing quite a bit of research about Barack Obama.

I have spent most of my adult life studying political ideologies and reading books on political theory.

I guess what is so baffling to me is how easily the American People, especially women, allow themselves to be duped by somone that “sounds good”.

One thing needs to be fully understood by anyone reading this post. Communism is NOT a political party. It is not a legitimate, “alternative” to the party system in America. Marxism is a revolutionary force that has at its roots the overthrow of all Free People through class envy, warfare, and violence. Socialism is the stepping stone to world communism.

The fact that all of Obamas closest friends, mentors, and family members are die hard marxists is troubling enough. But when I read an article last night from the International Tribune that claimed his Mother was also a dyed in the wool Marxist, I just about threw up.

When a child is gestated in the womb of a woman who has such confused thoughts about freedom and slavery, it creates this psychic wound in the Freedom Loving portion of the babes brain and causes absolute infiltration into every cell of his body towards Collectivist thought, acts, and deeds.”

President Obama has said that his mother was the most influential person in his life.

As I pondered what to say at the Tea Party, I decided to begin my speech with the final verse of the National Anthem.

I was blessed to sing in a high school choir with a director who believed it was important to sing all verses of the National Anthem, so during my years singing in his choir, whenever we sang the Anthem, we sang all of the verses and I have had it memorized ever since.

First Denver Tea party Photo by Kendall GelnerI started the speech by singing these words:

Oh Thus be it ever when Freemen shall stand

Between their loved homes and the Wars Desolation

Blessed with Victory and Peace

May the Heaven Rescued Land,

Praise the power that hath made

and Preserved us a Nation.

Then Conquer we must,

When our Cause it is just…

And this be our Motto,

“In God is our Trust”.

And the Star Spangled Banner oh long may it wave,

O’er the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner took a great set of photos from the Feb. 27th, 2009 teaparty

Then I asked the crowd of tea partiers who they were. I asked them to raise their hands when I called out Republican, Democrat, Independent, and Constitutionalist.  They did and then I told them that it was extremely important that all parties work together to root out the Marxist Moonbats who had taken over DC.  Then I gave a quick overview of the Book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

I told the people that it was time for us as Americans to “Go Galt” as suggested by the book written by Rand in the 50’s.

Crowd Shot at the Fist Denver Tea party Feb 2009 at the Capitol Photo by Kendall GelnerAnd then I suggested three ways that We The People could “Go Galt” in our Daily Behavior.

1.  With the understanding that the first big legislation that the Obama Team would tackle would be an overhaul of our healthcare system, I challenged the crowd to take “Personal Responsibility” for their own health and more responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their families. The number one thing that happens in American Hospitals is Childbirth.  Sixty One percent of all hospitalizations are in one way or another related to birth, and so I would challenge the Mothers of America to learn the skills of natural mothering and start planning now to give birth quietly at home.

2. The second principle I outlined in that speech in order to live “under the radar” of the Marxists, was to grow as much of your own food as possible.  By growing your own vegetables, fruits, nuts, and perhaps even your own grains, potatoes, and beans, individual citizens could easily live on a subsistence farm completely self reliant from commercial food sources.  This is a dream that Paul and I have.  And I look forward to someday owning some property where we could grow our own food and live completely off the grid.

3. The third way I challenged citizens to “Go Galt” was to prepare now to barter and trade with neighbors.  Bartering takes citizens out of the tax loop and allows for “free” trade without the sticky fingers of government tax collectors to step in and and steal the fruits of your labors.  Running a Barter Based black market out of your basement or garage could be the way to circumvent taxes and the inherent “pooling” of resources that will be used to prop up the various socialistic parasitic government plans that are now being prepared to soak the American Producers at the expense of the American Parasites.

An example of this type of living would be a mother who has the skills of teaching music, cutting hair, or tutoring in math trading her skill or service in exchange for a bushel of apples, a couple pounds of home made soap, or some home baked bread.  Instead of a cash transaction being conducted, a barter or trade could easily replace the money, and nobody in government would ever be able to steal anything from the trade.  If a huge number of American Citizens started to live this way overnight…  it would lead to the inevitable collapse of the American Socialistic State that much more quickly.

I would challenge anyone who would like to understand these principles more fully to take the time to read Atlas Shrugged and study the philosophy of Objectivism.

Americans are intelligent and innovative people and if you are someone who feels as strongly as I do that your tax dollars not be used to pay for Abortions and forced sterilizations as well as a litany of other abominations, learning this new way of living and thinking will enable all of us to participate in the American Economy without propping up those systems that are revolting to our morality.

Teapartiers have vowed to keep fighting this system of health care, on the streets and in the courts, but I believe the best way to “fight” is just to shrug and Go GALT! And then let it melt into the vast, behemoth of nothingness that it is…

To finish up my speech I introduced my son Ben who was holding the American Flag.  I told the crowd that my husband and I did not give him life so that he could live as a slave to a governmental system.  I told them that we gave him life so that he could pursue his own happiness in whatever form he wanted.

Then I said, God Bless America and handed the Mic over to Brian.

Jenny Hatch

Editor in Chief of Blogging Mothers Magazine

Video Created by Jenny Hatch from interviews and pictures taken before the Tea Party Began.

PS A reporter named Wendy Norris from the Colorado Independent chased me down after my speech to ask me a few questions.  Here is a link to her article and two pictures she took of the Protest.

I have been politically active for most of my adult life and began taking my video camera with me to events in 2007. Here is my complete video archive of the many pro freedom activities I engaged in over the past eight years.

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