Summer Townhalls? Hold em’ anyway….say the guys at Hill Buzz

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QUESTION: If Democrats don’t want to hold Town Hall Meetings this summer, what would happen if citizens just held them anyway, whether Democrats wanted to come or not?

We’ve all heard the Democrats don’t want Town Hall Meetings held this summer, because they don’t want to be berated by voters who are upset with what Democrats have been doing to the country in The Golden Age of Hope and Change.

Who gives them the right to decide whether Town Halls are held or not?

What would happen if citizens held the Town Hall Meetings anyway, invited the Democrats, and if those cowards don’t deign to show up, why can’t the citizens just stand cardboard cutouts of these people in the room and berate them by proxy?

What would be fun, too, and would make the Democrats look especially foolish, would be to create puppets of these people that look enough like them, and act as stupidly as they do, and have puppeteers speak for them based on things these actual politicians have said in public.”

…And we don’t see how even the Leftist controlled Media can resist showing footage of a puppet Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Patrick Murphy, or other Democrat luminaries taking heat from voters.  There’s even a good chance someone would get so mad as to actually rip the stuffing out of these puppets or toss them to dogs or something.

Could be hilarious.”

I agree that this tactic could be an effective way to call out those politicians who don’t want to face those citizens they represent. Every bit and particle of violence around tea parties and town hall meetings has come from those on the left.  If law abiding citizens were to organize Town Hall events and invite the media and their representatives, both state and national politicians, and then if they refuse to attend, a puppet or cutout could be used as a prop for the meeting, while citizens asked the questions and made the comments that they would publicly like to ask of the politicians.

Amazon has an Obama cutout for thirty bucks!

The one with the podium costs more.

Michelle’s is only $24.99!  I could not find one with a teleprompter….

Here is a link to a site where you can create cutouts!

I think it would be  a powerful visual to hold townhalls and let the citizens ask questions even if the pols aren’t there…

Just as long as we don’t have any more Kenneth Gladneys:

Here is Kenneth telling his story:

Jenny Hatch


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