Eileen Dannemann on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show

Eileen Dannemann of Progressive Convergence
Click to read the data on Eileens site about Miscarriages caused by the H1N1 Vaccine

Data on the H1N1 Related Miscarriages:


Eileen Dannemann on The Jenny Hatch Show on Blogging Mothers Magazine:


Eileen Dannemann on The Jenny Hatch Show on Video (Complete 60 min. interview at One True Media):

I decided to read several dozen of the miscarriage stories collected on Eileens site on June 11th, 2010 on her Radio Show.  That same day she made a movie of the stories at One True Media.  As of this moment June 12th, 2010 about 7am, the whole One True Media site is down.  I highly suspect it was hacked…we will see.
Eileen Dannemann
Click to get to Eileens Progressive Convergence Web Site Miscarriage Data

If you have a story to share with Eileen, please contact her at Progressive Convergence.

Just a note on the videos.
When I was creating these vids, I thought about getting some content that would include what it looks and feels like for a Mother to miscarry a babe to illustrate how horrifying this experience is.
Instead I chose to share some pictures and videos of how joyful having a new baby is.  I shared some video content from my own births as well as newborn shots of my five children.  One True Media also has cute stock content that I used for the movie.
A side of me would love to just shove a bunch of dead babes, funeral pictures, and pictures of grieving parents and older siblings to truly illustrate how much damage has been done with this recent vaccine.  But I would imagine with the passion of the Mothers involved, those pictures, videos, and testimonials will be coming soon.
Parents, if you lost a child during this Genocide, please contact me and I will publish your story in this Magazine.

Jenny Hatch

I will share a photo of a six week miscarried babe found at Jill Staneks Site, just so we can all be clear that babies under ten weeks are indeed people who have been killed.

Blessing, a baby miscarried at six weeks gestation


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