WND: Protests to target toll exacted by ‘the pill’

Dangers from birth control range from environmental damage to fatalities

“It’s one of the most commonly prescribed pills in America today, but as the source of problems ranging from environmental damage to death, “the pill,” or birth controlprescription, is being targeted by a long list of protests this week.

In an effort called The Pill Kills that is being organized by the American Life League and others, a headline protest is being organized outside a Planned Parenthood abortion business in Washington on Saturday.

“…It’s about time women were made aware that the birth control they are taking could have negative consequences on their health and on the environment,” said Judie Brown, co-founder of ALL. “They deserve the truth – regardless of political pressure to conceal it.”

“It is truly hard to believe that those concerned with the environment in which we live are not equally concerned about the environment of a woman’s body, polluted as it is with artificial chemicals that are really nothing more than recreational drugs,” Brown said.

There have been an estimated 25,000 lawsuits over the product, and officials believe some 12 million American women take it. But the Mayo Clinic, ALL confirms, warns birth control use is one of the contributing factors for pulmonary embolism and blood clots and the pills are considered a carcinogen alongside cigarettes.”


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