If they would have titled it, “Doctor shoving Dad aside can leave Father feeling disconnected..”

Jenny Hatch eight months pregnant with Ben in 2002 at my Blessing Way with my friend Melissa

this article at the Daily Mail would have made much more sense.

Being at the birth can make Dad feel a failure.

Men who attend the birth of their children could end up feeling like failures and damage any paternal bond they may have, an expert has controversially claimed.

Fathers-to-be may think they will have an intimate and proactive role as their child is born, only to find their sole purpose is to provide passive support for their partner.

This can lead to emotional shutdown for new fathers, according to Dr Jonathan Ives, head of the Centre for Biomedical Ethics at the University of Birmingham.

He said: ‘Having begun the fathering role already feeling a failure may destroy his confidence.

‘It can then be very difficult for him to regain faith in himself once the baby is born and move from that passive state to being a proactive father.

He effectively becomes de-skilled as a parent and this can lead to problems bonding with the child.’

Instead, Dr Ives said, men should not worry about attending antenatal classes and wait outside the delivery room.”

Dr. Ives, why don’t YOU get out of the delivery room….

Birth is a husband/wife sexual event that should be a Celebration of the new childs arrival into a family.  My husband literally jumped for joy after the birth of our fifth child.  Ben was born at home with only his Mother and Father in the bedroom.  No outside personalities or killjoy professionals needed.

Perhaps a few men shut down emotionally after birth because they have stood by watching while some dithering doctor like Dr. Jonathan Ives has needlessly cut and drugged his wife and unborn child.


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