Hill Buzz: Confront Union Workers Loafing…

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Confront City Union Employees Loafing on the Job With Video Equipment At Every Possible Opportunity — It Makes Them Scurry Like Rats

“He called across the train tracks at the crew and asked, “Why are there five of you needed to sweep one small section of this platform over and over again?  Why is the Union assigning one of you to work and four of you to supervise?  How can the CTA cry about needing more tax money when it has four guys loafing and one guy pretending to work?”

One of the union guys, who was leaning against the metal railing, quite comfortably, yelled back, “We’re doing safety control”. Then he and the rest laughed a little.

Sebastian then whipped out his phone and pointed it at them, as if he was taking a video.  Unbeknownst to them, his phone was dead, the battery drained hours ago, but it still made an effective prop.

Sebastian repeated his questions to the union crew, this time while pretending to take video of them standing there.

The response was instantaneous, and very reminiscent of bugs or rats scurrying away from a light that’s startled them.  They saw the camera and collectively these men all left the platform as a group, disappearing down the stairs.  There was no more talk about being “safety controllers”.  Once they were challenged, and feared they’d end up on YouTube loafing and wasting money like this, they broke up their gang and left.

What if the public did this to every union crew working in the city?

What if citizens took out their camera phones and taped all the “supervising” that’s being done on the City’s dime?

What if people started challenging the need for a five man crew to sweep one small part of a platform over and over again?”


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