Big Hollywood: Simon Cowell is a Conservative! (You will be missed by me)

Simon Cowell: TV’s Most Conservative Personality Says Goodbye

“At last the Dodo said, ‘everybody has won, and all must have prizes.’”
– Alice in Wonderland

“On Wednesday night American Idol aired its season finale.  The true star of the evening wasn’t the endless parade of aging music groups trotted out to croak medleys of their ancient hits.  Nor was it either of the two finalists anxiously hoping to be crowned the newest American Idol.


No, it was Simon Cowell, the most popular judge on the panel, who is leaving the show.  So integral is he to its success that fans and producers alike worry the show won’t be the same without him.

When American Idol first premiered, nobody would have predicted that Simon Cowell would become its favorite judge.  Instead, they might have pointed to the cloyingly supportive (and creatively medicated) Paula Abdul, who never had a negative word to say to any contestant.

Simon sounded more like a tea partier than an entertainer when he told the Sun (a right-leaning tabloid), “Tackling the national debt mountain as soon as possible is vital.  Delaying the pain for future generations is suicidal.  We’ve got to start getting the deficit down right now, not next year.”

And here he sounds downright Reaganesque:  ”[The government] should give hope to the younger generation to build on our wonderful heritage.  It should inspire us to get out there and create and invent.

And then it should get right out of the way.” [Italics in the original.]

The UK public agreed with Simon, voting Cameron in as the new British Idol Prime Minister.  The truth may not be what we hope for, but it’s the best medicine for what ails you.”

Simon was the best part of the show…

We watched all of the seasons these past few years and loved the format, like sports, it was brutal but true conservative principles were at work and that made the whole format extremely entertaining.

Jenny Hatch


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