Blogging Mothers Magazine is now live!
Jenny Hatch Editor in Chief

Hello!  I am very excited to announce the creation of Blogging Mothers Magazine, the place for Conservative Blogging Moms to gather on the web!

Submissions to this magazine can be made in any digital format.  Ideally Bloggers should use ALL FORMATS to share Conservative Content with readers.  If you are a Conservative Mom Blogger and want to share your Citizen Journalism, please consider sharing Text, Mp3 podcasts, Mp4 Videos (You Tubes work best), Still Pictures, including slideshows etc, as well as original reporting from all over the web.

Please include your email address, a short bio, and a 125 by 125 picture along with your content as well as your own home on the web in the form of blogs, web sites, and facebook/twitter pages and I will do everything possible to up your traffic!

If you have an unusually large piece to share, don’t hesitate to save it in a PDF and send the link along.  If it is good content, it will be published.

Over the next few weeks I plan to write up several Columns using all digital formats so that you can get a sense of what I am looking for.

I use Blog Talk Radio to make podcasts and Mp3’s.  And One True Media, You Tube, and Pop Model to create Mp4 Videos to share.

As I create content for this Magazine and the Web I will utilize all forms of communication to share Conservative Mommy Content with Readers.

If you are only able to upload one picture and write a few honest paragraphs about what is happening in your locale, it will still probably be better than ANYTHING the New York Times is writing about Conservative issues, so don’t be shy about submitting content.

I look forward to getting to know you better in the years to come!

Jenny Hatch

Editor in Chief


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