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Laurel Wilson on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show

My special guest on The Jenny Hatch show on Thursday will be Laurel Wilson. Laurel Wilson is Executive Director of Lactation Programs and Faculty for CAPPA, Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association. She acts as the Customer Advocate for InJoy Birth and Parenting, teaching webinars and producing podcasts for professionals. She served as the Program Coordinator … Continue reading

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A Mother makes the case for Husband and Wife Childbirth as America Socializes its Health Care System

61% of all Hospitalizations are in some form or fashion tied to Childbirth.  The money generated by Birth is “what keeps the lights on” at the hospital.  So, when we federalize medicine we are literally Socializing Birth.  Collectivist Birth is messy, rationed, focused on the greater good and does not have the time or resources … Continue reading

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The Mothers Act, Slipped into the Health Care Bill at the last minute, now the Constitutionally endorsed Law of the Land

Click Here to listen to the whole podcast!

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My Journey to Autonomous Mothering

These two videos explain my journey to Autonomous Mothering. Jenny Hatch

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Sharon Shade on The Jenny Hatch Show

  Click to listen to my Interview with Sharon on The Jenny Hatch Show Married for almost 17yrs I’m a mom of 7 great kids, 6 who walk and 1 who flies, ages 15 years to 16 months. I’ve had a few varieties of birthing experiences and alternative healthcare. I love simple natural living and … Continue reading

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Final Prep before the World Economy Collapses

Radio Show Some final things to do to prepare for a time of chaos around the collapse of the Economy. Economic Congruency: Ayn Rand points to the logical “next step” of Obamas Financial Policies So the President is going to propose a new economic plan after his vacay at Marthas Vineyard.

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The Economics of Natural Mothering

I have been planning to write this post for some time now, years it feels like, and someday I plan to encapsulate these thoughts into a book written for young women. For now, I’ll try to take the mishmash of my thoughts and attempt to get something readable into the blogosphere. I have spent untold … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Maryann Godboldo case

    For Background on Maryannes case click here 

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Blessing the Way, a new type of Baby Shower…

My Blessing Way With commentary on the Primal Mama Lifestyle from my experience and perspective By, Jenny Hatch Sunday September 8th, 2002 Yesterday I called Jeannine Parvati Baker to integrate what happened during our blessing way last Monday (labor day). She offered this to me as a final gift before the birth of our fifth … Continue reading

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doTERRA Essential Oils Family Physician Kit

Click HERE to purchase doTERRA Essential Oils from The Natural Family Company Online Store. When I joined as a Distributor for doTERRA I first purchased the Family Physician Kit to obtain a nice variety of oils to use around our home. Fill out the form below to CONTACT ME to schedule a FREE fifteen minute … Continue reading

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Saudi Life: Many Mothers Routinely “Cut” at Delivery

  Saudi Life: Many Mothers Routinely “Cut” at Delivery written by, Aisha Al Hajjar “THERE is a dreaded procedure routinely performed on expectant mothers that makes most cringe and fear their birth experience.  It’s called an episiotomy.  An episiotomy is a procedure in which a surgical incision is made in the tissues of the birth … Continue reading

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Home Crafted Soap

For the past few years I have been planning to purchase soap making materials to experiment with our own Laundry and Hand Soap. Paul found a recipe online for Laundry Soap and made a few batches of it during the summer. Only one batch exploded in our basement when he added in too much washing … Continue reading

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Laura Shanley and Lynn Griesemer on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show

   Click here to watch the whole interview at One True Media  Unassisted Childbirth/Homebirth Mothers and Authors Laura Shanley and Lynn Griesemer will join me on The Jenny Hatch Show today LIVE! Click HERE to read Jenny Hatchs Books on your Kindle!

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Natural Family Living Class Webinar ONLINE!

I taught my class last saturday here in our home.  It was extremely stressful attempting to incorporate the multimedia webinar stream on the web, and so I was grateful that the only person who attended was my friend Helen.  If I had had a houseful of strangers show up to be taught the fundamentals of … Continue reading

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