#CDCwhistleblower Twitter Parties to shame the Press

Twitter Party cdcwhistleblower

#CDCwhistleblower NIGHTLY Twitter Parties to shame the Press into doing their job: Jenny Hatch Radio Show http://t.co/Olo0d4nixE @JennyHatch — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) August 29, 2014 My Radio show from this morning…

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The Mothers Act, Slipped into the Health Care Bill at the last minute, now the Constitutionally endorsed Law of the Land

Click Here to listen to the whole podcast!

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UPDATE: Maryann Godboldo case

    For Background on Maryannes case click here 

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Blogging Mothers Magazine November 2011 Edition

Blogging Mothers Magazine November 2011 Edition   This edition of the Magazine contains some of my recent content parsing the Occupy Wall Street Movement with the Tea Party.  I was involved in the early planning of the Denver Events and partnered with several activists to organize a variety of events around Tax Day, the 9-12 … Continue reading

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Although I have stated that the Natural Family BLOG is dedicated to homebirth, my top posts from the past two years might indicate something else. Since I started writing this blog in 2005, one of the main goals has been to help families get to the root cause of illness.  I was a vaccine damaged … Continue reading

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This is my favorite ad from CCHR. Kudos to them for getting it on national television…Stop the drugging of the American People! Psychiatric Survivor, Jenny Hatch 

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BARBARA HARTWELLS TAKE ON 911 – Barbara Hartwell on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show

CORE OF CORRUPTION FILM AND BARBARA HARTWELLS TAKE ON 911 Posted by Jenny Hatch on September 11, 2011 · Leave a Comment UPDATE: September 13th, 2011 Barbara Hartwell was on my radio show today to talk about her article.  Click Here to watch the whole Video  Click Here to listen to the Podcast at Blog Talk Radio   

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I was thrilled to have a chance to chat with Jonathan on the Radio Show Today! Whole interview with Jonathan at One True Media

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Medical Tyranny or Health Freedom?

Twenty-one years ago today I awoke naked in a seclusion room at Clinton Valley Center, a Michigan state psychiatric hospital. I had just managed to live through the worst night of my life, and upon regaining consciousness I thought that I had died and gone to hell. For three days I was in that little … Continue reading

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Take the BLUE PILL DOOCE….Please oh please, take the blue pill…

IT’S TRUE! ZOLOFT DOES EVERYTHING!!! ORIGINAL POST (June 14th, 2009) Written by Blogger Jenny Hatch I’ve been a vocal supporter of home birth for many years.

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DOCUMENTARY: Dead Wrong – How Psychiatric Drugs can Kill your Children

Click here for more information

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CCHR (by way of Natural News): Psychiatric diagnostic manual editor reveals emperor has no clothes, “There is no definition of a mental disorder. It’s bull__.”

“There is no definition of a mental disorder. It’s bull___. I mean, you just can’t define it,” states Allen Frances, MD, lead editor for the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-IV). As DSM-IV is the imperial doctrine used by psychiatrists in diagnosing mental disorders, prescribing powerful psychotropics to the masses, and commanding health care dollars, this is quite a confession. “We made mistakes that had terrible consequences,” Frances concedes.

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Cut the Military Industrial Complex budget by HALF!!!

The place to start is with the Vaccine Program, quickly followed by the Psychiatric Drugging of our Soldiers…

Jenny Hatch

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When you sow the wind, (A Whirlwind named Jared Lee Loughner)

What this means is that every piece of legislation that the fake President has voted on these past two years is null and void and the deadly Mothers Act is dead in the water…now we just need to send his foreign ass out of the White House in the biggest Ass Kicking America has ever seen.

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CCHR: Why Mental Health “Advocacy” Groups Aren’t Calling for Psychiatric Drug Investigation in Arizona Shooting: They’re Pharma Funded

Shouldn’t we be investigating that instead of using this tragedy to get more funding for mental health “treatment”? So let’s just cut to the chase. The most prominent “mental health” groups using this shooting to cry out “give us billions more funding,” are themselves, funded by Pharma.

Perhaps this sheds light on why despite the overwhelming evidence psychiatric drugs cause violence and even homicide, groups such as the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), which claims to be a “patient’s rights” organization for the “mentally ill” are not calling for an investigation of what, if any role, psychiatric drugs played in this or any other mass shooting in the last 10 years, we are.

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